IPT Sports Performance Program

3RRC is pleased to announce a new partnership with Indiana Physical Therapy (IPT) to provide an in-store Sports Performance training service! IPT’s Sports Performance program will provide customized programs for runners to help improve running performance and prevent injury.

The program is designed to identify asymmetries and errors in the way the body moves through a Functional Movement Screen. This screen utilizes seven fundamental movement patterns to observe limitations and imbalances and then begin addressing ways to correct them. The goal of this program is to improve the functional movements and performance of each individual runner.

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“After about a month of no relief from knee and leg pain while running, I went to see Trevor for an assessment. I am extremely pleased that he was able to figure out the cause and fix it immediately during that first visit. I highly recommend Trevor!”

-Kris Saylor



“I came to the IPT sports performance program after completing 6 weeks of physical therapy for an injury called a lisfranc dislocation. This injury is quite rare, but it is essentially a dislocation of the second metatarsal in the foot. While going through the program, Trevor was constantly trying to figure out different things to have me do to strengthen my foot without putting too much strain on it too early. I still have a ways to go, but taking what Trevor has taught me and applying it to how I work out, I will be able to compete in cheerleading and cross country this year. This program has helped me tremendously and given me the confidence to believe that I will be able to get back to being a competitive athlete!”

-LeeAnn Moeller

“I began working with Trevor from IPT when I began having issues with hip pain while running. It was evident very early on, even as soon as my first session, that Trevor was extremely knowledgeable and would be able to help me with my hip pain and overall flexibility issues. Since working with Trevor, I have been running with much less pain and have been able to begin correcting some long term gait problems I had developed. He has also helped me incorporate some stretching activities in on a daily basis that help counter the effects of having a very sedentary job. I am very pleased with the progress I have been making and the overall improvement that I am noticing every day.”

-Emily Bernard

“I am always inspired by other runners. I love being around positive people and draw energy from them. Whether plodders or speed demons, I love to talk to them and listen to their stories.”

Betty Nelson


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