Dawn StineLifelong runner and seasoned massage pro Dawn Stine provides massages for runners and walkers at our facility. While racking up the miles on trails and as part of the 3RRC Ultra Race Team, Dawn realized a passion for helping other runners recover through massage. Runners and athletes often push their bodies to the limits. Long runs, speed work, races, etc., can be extremely strenuous and hard on the body. Studies have shown that regular massages can be extremely helpful and even essential for recovery and injury prevention.

  • One Sunday a month (varies)
  • Conducted in a private, one-on-one setting
  • Email Dawn for more info or to schedule your appointment


“Dawn Stine solves my running-related issues. Most notably, Dawn helped me with chronic right hip pain that I couldn’t shake. I had to take time off because of the pain, but I just couldn’t get rid of it. I finally scheduled an hour with Dawn. During this session, Dawn pinpointed the source of the pain and worked out the connecting tendons and ligaments. She not only corrected a year-long problem I had, but showed me a stretch that prevented the injury from reoccurring. This was three years ago and my hip feels great! I highly recommend Dawn to all my friends and co-workers without reservation. I wholeheartedly believe that everyone who experiences a massage session with Dawn will leave feeling better and more knowledgeable about their own body mechanics.”

 -Jason Robertson, 3RRC Ultra Team member


“Last winter, I couldn’t even walk down stairs without being in pain. With tremendous help from Dawn Stine, in just two months, I was able to run and finish the HUFF 50k trail race!” 

-Sam Bird, 3RRC employee

sam bird

“Last year, a coworker recommended that I go see Dawn when I was dealing with some lower back pain. She was able to help me work through and  identify the cause of my lower back pain. Since then, I have made sure to see her regularly, and whatever issue or pain I bring to her attention she always has the knowledge and skill to be able to help. I am currently preparing for my first half marathon and have followed her instructions for stretching between visits. Her recommendations always seem to work! In addition to her knowledge and skill, she is one of the most friendly and positive people you’ll ever meet!” 

-Kara Froning, Middle School Principal


Yoga Class

3RRC is happy to offer yoga for runners, walkers, and triathletes. Class begins with a warm-up, transitions into flow yoga, and ends with relaxation. The goal is to improve balance, core strength, flexibility, posture, and range-of-motion by working the entire body by moving through stretches. Class is held in the 3RRC multipurpose room.

  • 5:30 pm Monday and 10 am Saturday (Labor Day thru Memorial Day)
  • Drop-in fee is $5
  • A minimum fitness level is required
  • Wear comfortable exercise clothing
  • Exercises can be modified to accommodate all fitness level

“In all the miles I’ve run, I’ve found a lot of fabulous friends (and myself) along the way!”

Sherrie Konkle


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