Topo Phantom 2: The Best Gets Better

I've been running in Topo shoes since 2017 and I haven't had a bad experience yet. Until this week, the Ultrafly 3 was my favorite shoe, it is now the Phantom 2. I will review the its predecessor before beginning. The Topo Phantom 1 was designed as a cushioned,...

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Running Nutrition: What To Look For and When

A common question we hear is regarding to what nutrition to take in and when. The following is a short guide to help better understand this complex challenge. Note, this article is referencing products we carry such as GU, Huma, Honey Stinger etc. This is not a total...

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New Balance Beacon v3 First Impressions Review

by Andrew Whitinger With this year's update to the Beacon, New Balance has made a few key changes that  improve on last year's model while keeping the key features that made the v2 so popular among many runners. The Beacon v3 is a lightweight trainer that is great for...

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The Topo Cyclone: First Impressions

If you've ever worked with me, you'll know I am a big Topo fan. I love the wide toe box, the lower drop and the style. That's all to say that my hopes shot up when I heard about the Cyclone. Fortunately, there was no letdown here. Unboxing the Cyclone, I notice the...

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Warm Weather Essentials

Fool's spring is nearly over and the warm weather is on the way. I've compiled a list of four things that I find essential when running in warm weather. Goodrs: Stylish and functional, Goodr sunglasses keep my eyes healthy and my wallet full. At $25-$35 per pair, you...

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Saucony Endorphin Shift: Revisited

By: Blake Harris A couple months ago, Sammy reviewed the Saucony Endorphin Shift. Now Blake has some and it's his turn! The Endorphin line is Saucony's attempt at streamlining their products into an all-in-one training package. The Shift represents the daily trainer...

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Initial Impressions: The Diadora Mythos 6

Diadora running shoes are fortunate enough to be in the part of their development cycle where every innovation feels like a huge leap forward. The Mythos 6 is no exception. As I open the box, the first thing I notice is a beautiful design overhaul. The sleek upper is...

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3RRC Gift Guide 2020

Blake: If I could have anything from 3RRC for the holidays, it would be the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun. While my sticks and rollers work great on the legs, I struggle to get that same quality of massage for my upper body. The Impact Gun makes it quick and easy; I...

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Hoka Rocket X

by Carissa Jenkins Move over Saucony Endorphin Pro and Nike VaporFly, there is a new kid in town and it’s name is the Rocket X- “an unprecedented performance shoe” from Hoka One One (Hoka, 2020). The Rocket X is another needed tool in a runner’s tool box. The...

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Saucony Endorphin Shift

by Sammy Moran The Saucony Endorphin Shift is the daily trainer of Saucony’s new Endorphin lineup. The Endorphin lineup introduced Saucony’s new Speedroll technology. This Speedroll technology is similar to Hoka’s meta-rocker, both in feel and in that it is designed...

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Brooks Levitate 4

by Carissa Jenkins When DNA Amp first emerged in Brooks' line up with the OG Levitate and the Bedlam, it was found responsive, but heavy. Brooks heard the pleas from the running community and responded with the new Levitate 4.  The new Levitate is much lighter, 20%...

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Mizuno Sky 4 Waveknit

By: Blake Harris I haven't worn a lot of Mizuno stuff in the past so I tried this shoe without the usual preconceptions and the first thing I noticed was how soft the Sky Waveknit is. For a shoe that doesn't have a ton of stack height, there is a lovely plush foot bed...

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Brooks Caldera 4

By: Sammy Moran The Brooks Caldera 4 is a trail running shoe by nature, however in my opinion, could be used for short times on pavement as well due to its level of cushioning and softer foot bed. The Caldera felt great right from the step-in. One of the things I...

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Topo Zephyr

By: Blake Harris I initially bought the Zephyr as more of an everyday lightweight trainer or a go-to shoe for workouts on long run day. What I got was a model that is at it's best when you're moving FAST. I remember my first workout with this shoe careening through...

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“Running competitively, setting goals, as well as being involved with the race team and everyone at 3RRC motivates me. They have a lot of experience and knowledge that I can tap into when needed. Plus, it’s just a fun place to go and visit.”

Chip Larowe


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