The Trees Trail Challenge – by Suzi Swinehart

I have had the privilege of running the Trees Trail Challenge the past two years. This well-organized event is directed by experienced ultra-marathoners and trail runners Chris Beck and Dawn Stine, two amazing individuals. This event has something for everyone,...

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How to Train for 100 Miles

Last week we shared the stories of Christy Howard and Steve Carr, both of whom are training for the Indiana Trail 100 this month. (You can check out that post here.) And we know what everyone is thinking; how do you train for something like that?! (It’s sooo far.)...

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Why Run 100 Miles: The Indiana Trail 100 Journey

Christy Howard has only been running since 2012 but in a few short weeks she will be hitting the trails of Chain O’Lakes State Park for her first hundred mile race. But why would she want to run so far, you may ask, (and many people do). Why would she want to run for,...

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An Inspiring Run

March is Three Rivers Running Company’s anniversary month. We began celebrating our 12th anniversary by being a part of an extraordinary and memorable running event. On Friday, March 4th, Suzi Swinehart came into 3RRC early in the morning, and at exactly 8:00 AM she...

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Trail Running

Imagine getting to do what you like to do best. That’s my relationship with trail running. I discovered trail running in 2004 after several years of running road marathons. Once I got on the trails I never looked back. Not that there was anything wrong with road...

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“As a seasoned veteran, whether it’s running the roads through fresh-fallen snow or running the trails, I enjoy being on the team, racing, and sharing the passion of running with others. That has made my life special.”

Mark Furkis


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