For many of you reading this blog, it will be your first time running a race of any distance. You may be nervous, confused, and even a little lost. Never fear, here at 3RRC, we are here to help! I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts for race day, to make things a little bit easier for you.


The “DON’Ts” of racing:

  • DON’T break in a new pair of shoes the day of any race – make sure you know they’re going to work before the big day.
  • DON’T introduce new foods or race fuel the morning or day of a race – Stick to what your stomach is used to, otherwise your stomach may hate you for it.
  • DON’T overdue the carbo-load – there is a point where you can eat to many carbs to a point where it won’t have any effect. Remember what you eat the night prior to a race will still be in your stomach at roughly the time of the start.
  • DON’T start off too fast – a classic mistake and one that you will regret. In the excitement of the start, a lot of people will charge off too fast, be smart and stay controlled at the beginning.
  • DON’T get in the way of others – watch your positioning when getting something from a water station. Don’t cut others off when going to reach for water, there will be plenty for everyone. Once you get your water move out-of-the-way of others so they have a chance to get a drink.
  • DON’T litter on the course – There are plenty of trash cans at the numerous water stations, hold onto your trash of any kind till you reach a trashcan.

The “DO’S” of racing:

  • DO a get a good night’s rest prior to a race- Let your body get the amount of rest and energy that will be needed to complete a race.
  • DO lay out the gear the night before- You don’t want to be rushing around the morning of your race looking for your lucky race socks. Lay EVERYTHING out the night prior so that way all you have to do in the morning is shove it in a bag or throw it on your body. Also, keep looking at the weather, better to be over packed then under packed, weather is a fickle thing.
  • DO have a game plan- Know what pace you are going to be wanting to average during the race. Know where the water stations are located and where the bathrooms are on the course and at the start. Most importantly know where and when you need to be at the start.
  • DO have a mantra- If you’re running for someone write their name some where you can see it to keep you going. Find a phrase, motivational quote or saying that will keep you going when the race gets difficult.
  • DO have fun- Find someone to run with and enjoy their company, enjoy the beautiful scenery all around the course. Thank any volunteers if you get a chance, wear your race shirt and/or medal after your race with pride for what you have accomplished for you have earned it!

Good luck to everyone competing in the Fort4Fitness races! If you have any questions, shoot them over to our info box; [email protected]. We’ll be at the expo the night before the race with specials on nutrition, socks, and small accessories. See you all in just over a week!

Post by Nick Brand

“As coaches, we don’t have to worry about our athletes finding the best possible shoes and gear. We always send them to 3RRC and they take great care of them.”

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