The Brooks Launch 2 is a neutral cushioned shoe that represents the update of a model that hasn’t changed in over five years. It’s a pretty simple shoe in many ways – not a lot of bells and whistles, but it does what it’s supposed to do. That is, it provides a smooth cushioned ride in a fairly lightweight shoe. I found that the Launch 2 sizing is pretty consistent with that of the majority of running shoes, which means going with ½ a size higher than your normal street shoe size.  My size 9.5’s weigh around 9.8 ounces, and they have a very light feel to them.

The cushioning system in the Launch 2 is based on what Brooks calls its DNA cushioning technology.  The midsole cushioning is designed to adapt to your individual needs – based on your weight, pace, gait, and the running surface. The properties of the midsole material allow it to adapt to the specific forces you apply to it. The DNA material is also designed to provide 30% more cushioning than standard midsole materials.

I’ve run in the Launch 2 in a wide variety of workouts at various paces, and up to a 16-mile run.  I have to say, they work great.  They have a nice fit with plenty of volume in the forefoot, and a nice snug fit in the midfoot.  I’ve had no problems with friction points or hot spots, and my feet and legs feel great after running in them.  The cushioning in this model is outstanding – it provides a smooth ride, while still being lightweight.  And the cushioning holds up very well, even over long runs, which leads me to believe it could be a very good half-marathon and marathon race shoe for a lot of people who have a neutral gait.


This shoe is quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites.  I just feel like I’m going to have a good run when I put these puppies on. It’s a great no-frills cushioned shoe that does exactly what it’s supposed to do.

Perhaps one of its best features is its price – it is one of the lower priced running shoes on the market.  You get a lot of shoe for your money with this one.

written by 3RRC co-owner & President, Brad Altevogt

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