Hydration, replacing electrolytes, and refueling can be all present a challenge during long runs and races.  While there are lots of good products available, everyone is different in terms of what is most effective for them and what they can tolerate.  The nutritional challenges can be magnified for ultra runners who are exerting themselves for many hours in long races. (Don’t ask an ultra runner about his/her nutritional horror stories during races – they’re likely to tell you, sometimes in gut wrenching detail.)

Have you ever consumed a gel during a race, only to have your stomach feel like you just ingested a rock?  Have you ever consumed a gel during a race in anticipation of the next water stop, only to discover that the next water stop really isn’t right after the next turn?  Have you ever spilled a sugary sports drink all over your racing singlet, attracting a swarm of bees for the remainder of the race?

Even if you haven’t experienced any of these calamities, there is a great product called Tailwind Endurance Fuel that effectively addresses some of the most challenging aspects of hydration, electrolyte replacement and energy maintenance.  Tailwind comes in powder form and mixes very easily with water.

I’ve been using Tailwind for three or four months now, and I can honestly say that someone has created a product that very effectively addresses and eliminates many of the more challenging aspects of endurance nutrition.  Here is what I really like about it:

  • It completely and easily dissolves in water.  There is no powdery residue left and it mixes very evenly through the water.
  • It is not sticky or overly sweet like so many endurance nutritional products.  It is very clean and light. The flavors are not overpowering.  In fact, they even have an unflavored version.
  • It doesn’t contain any dyes or artificial coloring.
  • It is very easy to absorb and digest, and causes no stomach problems.
  • It’s an “all-in-one” product, effectively addressing our calorie, electrolyte, and hydration needs within one easy to use product.

The only real drawback is that there may be times when toting a water bottle with you during a run or race is inconvenient, but this stuff is so good and effective that it probably outweighs that minor inconvenience.

written by 3RRC Owner & President, Brad Altevogt

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