By: Paula Henry
I was leery about this bra because it didn’t have a ‘big band’ at the bottom, and I’ve always felt this helped give me more support. However, I’ve always been super happy with my Brooks sports bras (Brooks Uprise was my previous favorite), so I gave this a try! I tend to have lots of chaffing issues with most sports bras, so I always try to do a shorter workout on the ‘trial’ run. So, on a 95% humidity kind of day, I slipped the Dare Crossback on and headed out the door for over an hour.  I felt like I had ‘nothing’ on, so I wondered if there was ‘enough.’  However, I felt just as secure and ‘locked in’ at the end of my sweaty run as at the beginning. Score! But wait, let’s see how difficult it is to get off??? Let’s face it, the older we get, the more difficult this becomes (Just wait, you millennials and Gen Z’s!). It slipped off with more ease than ANY other pullover sports bra I’ve had on in YEARS! And, last, but not least: How about the chaffing?  None, nada, zilch! Not even a single YELP in the shower.  I think the angels are singing.  And, I didn’t even mention the smooth profile you get when wearing this bra.
We have the Dare Crossback as well as the Zip Front version in stock now at 3RRC. Trust me when I say, this is the most comfortable bra you have ever run in!

“I feel confident that when I refer my physical therapy patients to 3RRC they will get the advice and products they need to be successful.”

Todd Sullivan


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