By: Sammy Moran

The Brooks Caldera 4 is a trail running shoe by nature, however in my opinion, could be used for short times on pavement as well due to its level of cushioning and softer foot bed. The Caldera felt great right from the step-in. One of the things I liked the most about this trail shoe is the level of cushioning while still maintaining a smooth and stable ride. Most other trail shoes I have run in are a bit more narrow and sometimes can feel a bit constrictive and at times tight. The extra width was very nice, it is not too wide as it still hugs and secures the foot in the heel and the mid-foot. This leads to allowing the toes to splay out a bit more naturally and create that stable and smooth ride that I mentioned earlier. The Caldera almost feels like a higher cushioned road shoe but with the extra traction that comes with being a trail shoe. One thing that I have been quite happy with this shoe so far is the fact that it is soft and cushioned but it isn’t too much to the point that it will irritate my knees, something that softer shoes have done to me in the past. This shoe I think is quite versatile, being able to do anything from walking to taking on ultras out on the trails. The upper is also quite nice, it is a little bit more of a reinforced mesh upper, so no need to worry about kicking any sticks on accident and having the upper rip or snag. Overall this is a great trail shoe that anyone can use, from the beginner to the elite, the walker to the runner. I would highly recommend this shoe to anyone looking for a trail shoe that has some versatility to be used on the roads!

“In today’s world full of corporate franchises and online retail giants, it is great to see a locally owned and operated business be successful. They are amazing, always friendly and helpful. They love running and it shows. It doesn’t matter if the customer is a beginner or a state champion.”

Robin Dombrowski


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