By: Blake Harris

I haven’t worn a lot of Mizuno stuff in the past so I tried this shoe without the usual preconceptions and the first thing I noticed was how soft the Sky Waveknit is. For a shoe that doesn’t have a ton of stack height, there is a lovely plush foot bed to protect you from all those miles. One thing I did expect was for this shoe to fit a bit small but, much to my surprise, the Sky fit me perfectly true to size. Something that might be positive or negative depending on the shape of your foot is the arch height. In this shoe we’re looking at the lower end of things; I felt as though there was a gap between my heel and toes. That said, if you have a flatter foot it may just be perfect for you! Give the Mizuno Sky Waveknit 4 a try next time you’re in the store! 

“It didn’t take me long to figure out that we have a great running community in the area, and 3RRC is the hub. Whether you are getting ready to run a 5K, your first marathon, or just start walking, 3RRC should be your first stop.”

Mike Clendenen


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