by Sammy Moran

The Saucony Endorphin Shift is the daily trainer of Saucony’s new Endorphin lineup. The Endorphin lineup introduced Saucony’s new Speedroll technology. This Speedroll technology is similar to Hoka’s meta-rocker, both in feel and in that it is designed to help guide you through the gait cycle more efficiently. I have run in both Hoka and Saucony in the past, and I have to say that the Endorphin Shift is my favorite out of all the shoes that have a rocker in them. But this is about where the similarities end. The Endorphin Shift has more rubber on the bottom and a more durable foam, in my opinion. Saucony has always done an excellent job with the wear on their exposed foam, as it does not flake or rip. It wears just like rubber does, making the shoe look nice for longer.

The feel of the Endorphin Shift is amazing. It is smooth and comforting. It is not overly soft, which I personally have had problems with in the past. But it is not firm either, it has just the right feel. After running in these shoes, my legs do not feel like they have just gone out and run. I feel like I could go right back out and run it again! The combination with the higher stack height, the perfectly balanced foam, and the Speedroll technology make for an effortless experience while running. Whether running easy or picking up the pace, this shoe can handle it. I currently have 300 miles in this shoe and it still feels amazing, I think that I could still have another 200 miles, when I normally only get 400 miles in a pair of shoes total. The durability is amazing. I would highly recommend the Saucony Shift to anyone who is looking for a shoe to protect them from the roads and has excellent durability!

“Watching ‘newbies’ complete their first event, seeing the enthusiasm and joy in their eyes, and knowing we have another convert to a healthy lifestyle inspires me. I preach wellness every day and to see it in action is all the motivation I need.”

Mark O’Shaughnessy


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