Blake: If I could have anything from 3RRC for the holidays, it would be the TriggerPoint Impact Massage Gun. While my sticks and rollers work great on the legs, I struggle to get that same quality of massage for my upper body. The Impact Gun makes it quick and easy; I don’t even have to get on the floor! 




Megan: The R8 Roll Recovery is the perfect tool to help alleviate any aches or pains you may have. It’s able to do twice the work of a traditional roller in half the time!

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Ana: These CEP no show socks are one of my favorites for running. They wick away moisture! The extra padding in the heel and forefoot are amazing for more shock absorption on those longer runs. 

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Carissa: Bondiband is my favorite accessory to keep in my gym bag. It’s a super cute headband that keeps my hair back while I’m on the move. It stays in place no matter what I do!





Andrew: Here’s what I would love from 3RRC for Christmas; a nice vest to store all my nutrition and water would be great for long runs out on the trails and through the city!






Caren: If you’re looking for a warm, casual pullover to wear around or a warm layer to have for those chilly runs, the Brooks Notch Hoodie is a great option. While being lightweight, the fleece lining is soft and keeps body heat in to help keep you warm and comfortable for those cold winter days.

“At 3RRC they share their passion for running and the motivation to help you succeed in your goals. No matter what distance you have in mind, they are there for you.”

Mae Miller


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