Diadora running shoes are fortunate enough to be in the part of their development cycle where every innovation feels like a huge leap forward. The Mythos 6 is no exception. As I open the box, the first thing I notice is a beautiful design overhaul. The sleek upper is dotted with HIP reflective material to give what might be considered a dull, black shoe otherwise, a tasteful amount of pop. I slip it on and immediately notice it fits better than the 5. This is thanks to the double layer tongue which adds a touch of arch support without going overboard. As I begin running, I notice this shoe is more responsive than the last version. Companies often mess this up and take a shoe that was criticized for being too squishy and make it hard as a brick. With the Mythos 6, the change feels natural. I still feel the Blueshield softness that characterizes this brand but I’m getting a lot of rebound. The shoe is still heavy, but for an everyday mileage shoe that’s a small gripe. If you’re looking for a shoe to handle the daily grind, the Mythos 6 will not disappoint.

“Watching ‘newbies’ complete their first event, seeing the enthusiasm and joy in their eyes, and knowing we have another convert to a healthy lifestyle inspires me. I preach wellness every day and to see it in action is all the motivation I need.”

Mark O’Shaughnessy


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