If you’ve ever worked with me, you’ll know I am a big Topo fan. I love the wide toe box, the lower drop and the style. That’s all to say that my hopes shot up when I heard about the Cyclone. Fortunately, there was no letdown here. Unboxing the Cyclone, I notice the fun, flashy colors. Traditionally, a salesperson might chafe at the idea of selling bright colors but your typical foot-shaped customer is pretty open and fun, they should like these! I notice the thin, cupped heel as well. This is a new addition for Topo and I’m interested to see how it feels. The characteristically wide toe box looks as good as ever and the foam feels soft in my hand. I unload what seems like one hundred pounds of stuffing and slip it on.

The shoe I have is half a size too small for me but it still fits comfortably, almost as if it were a glove. The round laces are feel nice across the foot and my heel fits snug into the back. As I begin running, I notice how remarkably soft the shoe is in the heel, not something one would expect from a shoe that prompts the user to strike midfoot. The transition from heel to toe is seamless, with a slightly less aggressive toe taper than the Phantom. This leaves me with the quick turnover feel I love so much with these shoes, without worrying that it will turn away some customers. I am excited to put a bunch of miles on these shoes and report back to you!


“As a seasoned veteran, whether it’s running the roads through fresh-fallen snow or running the trails, I enjoy being on the team, racing, and sharing the passion of running with others. That has made my life special.”

Mark Furkis


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