Trail Running

Trail Running

Imagine getting to do what you like to do best. That’s my relationship with trail running. I discovered trail running in 2004 after several years of running road marathons. Once I got on the trails I never looked back. Not that there was anything wrong with road...

Winter Apparel Overview

Well, fall is well underway; pumpkin spiced latte season has passed and soon it will be December. Not only is Fall a time of marathons and turkey runs but also a time for temperatures to drop, snow to fall, and Fort Wayne to attempt its best impersonation of the Windy...

Sports Bra Basics

How many runners would say, ‘As long as I have my running shoes on race day, all will be fine’? I would agree, that is, until the day I forgot my sports bra to an out-of-town cross country meet…MANY long years ago.  Panic set in.  No one had an extra one.  And, all...
Ice vs Heat

Ice vs Heat

So often I am asked is ice or heat better. There are various factors that go into determining which is better.  One of the easiest guides to follow: if it a new injury or if there is pain – ICE. If it is an old injury and there is stiffness – HEAT. After an injury...
Compression for Runners

Compression for Runners

I have to admit, when compression socks for runners first came out, I was skeptical. The first couple of compression sock products I tried out didn’t seem to provide much benefit. I didn’t feel that there was a degree of compression that was very beneficial, or at...

The DO’s and DON’Ts of Racing

For many of you reading this blog, it will be your first time running a race of any distance. You may be nervous, confused, and even a little lost. Never fear, here at 3RRC, we are here to help! I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts for race day, to make things...

“I started running because my daughter was so into it and it was something we could do together. When I first started going to 3RRC, everyone acted as though they had known me forever. They are all so sincere and helpful; it’s such a pleasant and cheery place!”

Cathy Pusey


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