3 Rivers Racing Elite

Three Rivers Racing Elite is a program designed to support local and regional elite level and emerging elite level athletes. Our aim is to create an environment for post-collegiate runners to continue to train and compete at a high caliber level.

Meet The Elites


To be considered, all applicants must:

  1. Hit one of the qualifying standards within the past 365 days.
  2. Live and train in the Northeast Indiana area.
  3. Fill out and send an application to Lynn Marbach – [email protected]

Note: We will be capping our Elite teams to 12 athletes each in 2022. Spots are very limited and membership is ultimately up to the discretion of the Club Director.

Qualifying Standards

The time qualifications are set by the 3 Rivers Racing Elite Club Director. There are two tiers which will grant you correlating benefits.

Three Rivers Elite team participation is granted on an annual basis and is ultimately at the discretion of Three Rivers Running Company.





“I am always inspired by other runners. I love being around positive people and draw energy from them. Whether plodders or speed demons, I love to talk to them and listen to their stories.”

Betty Nelson


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