How many runners would say, ‘As long as I have my running shoes on race day, all
will be fine’? I would agree, that is, until the day I forgot my sports bra to an out-of-town cross country meet…MANY long years ago.  Panic set in.  No one had an extra one.  And, all the stores were closed. My race was doomed, or so I thought.

It was time to be creative.  I asked my coach to borrow the athletic tape. He asked me, “Why, what’s wrong?”  I told him he didn’t want to know.  My teammates thought it was pretty funny.  Me, not so much!  So, my teammates helped me TAPE right over my regular bra. The idea was to ‘hold everything in place.’  This is the theory behind many of the sports bras on the market today (often referred to as compression.)

Most running or sports bras using compression are the style that can be pulled on over your head.  This style is often best for A, B, and sometimes C cups.  If you are running in this style, we recommend that you get one that is rated for medium to high impact.  3RRC carries compression sports bras by Zensah, Moving Comfort and Oiselle. Our staff can help direct you to the best size and style to meet your needs.

If a compression style sports bra does not seem to be enough support for you (ya know, the ‘girls’ are still moving around too much!), then we recommend going with a bra that controls movement with encapsulation. When running, the breasts tend to move in a figure-8 motion. By encapsulating each breast (divide and conquer!), the movement is contained.  This style tends to have less stretch and often has hooks in the back for a more custom- fit. 3RRC carries several styles by Moving Comfort that provide high-impact support for sizes B-E. These bras often have wider, adjustable straps, adding to the level of support as well as comfort.

Regardless of the style you choose, the band should fit snug, but shouldn’t cut off any circulation or make you feel like you can’t take a deep breath (Flashback: I remember NOT being able to breathe because my team wrapped me a little TOO tight 25+ years ago).  There should never be any gaping spaces where you can slip your finger between the bra and your skin.  If in doubt, we’ll help you find a good fit to help you run with confidence.

Some women, often heavy sweaters, find that certain sports bras will cause chaffing. If your bra fits well, but you still experience chafing, you might try turning your bra inside-out or applying Body Glide or 2Tom’s Sport shield before heading out for your next long run. Both of these products are available at 3RRC.  Or, if all else fails, come talk with me or another sales associate.  I’m pretty experienced in this department. By the way, THAT was the last time I forgot to pack my sports bra…Uh, wait, for a race, that is😦

written by Paula Henry

“I started running because my daughter was so into it and it was something we could do together. When I first started going to 3RRC, everyone acted as though they had known me forever. They are all so sincere and helpful; it’s such a pleasant and cheery place!”

Cathy Pusey


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