Fool’s spring is nearly over and the warm weather is on the way. I’ve compiled a list of four things that I find essential when running in warm weather.

Goodrs: Stylish and functional, Goodr sunglasses keep my eyes healthy and my wallet full. At $25-$35 per pair, you could lose 6-8 of these before you wasted Oakley money.

CEP Ankle Cut Socks: CEP makes more than just compression socks. Their ankle socks are light, simple and perfect for hot days. I love the black and white design.

Actual Running Shorts: You don’t have to go all in on short-shorts (although there’s nothing wrong with that) to get the benefit of a running short. Try a 5,7 or 9 inch non-split short. These will limit chafing and keep you cool without making you feel self conscious.

A handheld water bottle: Try an Amphipod or Nathan handheld to keep you hydrated this summer. Adding some Tailwind to your drink mix will further enhance your hydration game.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, only what I find to be essential!

Happy running!


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Mike Slaubaugh


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